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 Nathan Breedlove is a cosmic musician/composer and philosopher in training and on temporary loan to the planet earth. With the sole purpose of spreading the concept of light and life through music, his name Breedlove exemplifies what he stands for. Jazz is a way of life and love. He views the music as storytelling from a cultural, lineage based perspective. Jazz music originated as the cry, joy and shout of the negro people and he hears the calling to represent this heritage through his life and music.

Nathan was raised in Memphis, TN and is a twice Grammy-nominated recording artist and composer. He has been a member of the Lionel Hampton Orchestra and frontman for the legendary Skatalites. He appeared on NPR’s Fresh Air, ABC’s Nightline, the Conan O’Brien Show and is featured in many articles and interviews. A chapter is devoted to him in bassist William Parker’s new book, Conversations II, Dialogues and Monologues‘.

The nu Trio is his new musical incarnation. Returning to the scene after ten years of seclusion Nathan decided upon bassist Phil Sparks and drummer Brian Kirk, making this union an official return notice to the scene. The trio has been friends for many years and speak the same spirit language. Since his return at the 2014 Vision Festival in NYC, Nathan (also known as the hermit), has become active on the scene with performances coming up in Seattle, Olympia, Los Angeles and NYC this year. He also will be an adjunct professor this fall. As his nu motto states__Onward, Light Brigade…

With his new release, ‘Captain of the Light Brigade’ marking his return to the scene, Nathan hopes to share his musical adventures, spirit stories and tales from a lifetime spent with legends with all ‘whom have ears’. If you would like to join us in this cosmic adventure with the hermit and his The nu Trio…and see them in your town, city or village…please Contact Us or you can find Nathan on Facebook.

The nu Trio